Annuities: Fixed & Indexed

Forming a Secure Financial Future

insurance agency north ridgevilleThe decisions you make today are the foundations upon which your retirement will be built.  The first step is forming a plan and the professionals at Neverman Insurance Agency can help.  Our professional team has the experience and training to help you choose a safe, secure annuity program that provides peace of mind today…and financial security for tomorrow.

What is an Annuity?

Simply put, an annuity is an insurance product that pays you income.  They’re a popular choice for investors who want a steady retirement income stream.  By making an investment in the annuity, it makes payments to you in the future.  Your income will be predicated on the size of the annuity, the length of the payment period and other factors.
Neverman Insurance offers the two most popular types of annuities:

Fixed Annuity

Simple, Safe and Guaranteed Peace of Mind

A fixed annuity is like a CD (Certificate of Deposit) that is issued by the insurance company.  They resemble CD’s in that they pay a guaranteed rate of interest.  However, the rate of interest paid by a Fixed Annuity is typically higher than that paid by a bank CD.

A Fixed Annuity can provide immediate fixed payments OR deferred payments.  The deferred variety earn regular rates of interest while the immediate pay fixed payments determined by your age and annuity size during your retirement.

Convenient and predictable, Fixed Annuities are extremely popular among retirees looking for a known income stream.

 Advantages of a Fixed Annuity include:

  • Guaranteed Rate of Interest
  • Low Minimum Investment Requirement
  • Tax Deferred Earnings
  • Avoid the ups and downs of the stock market

Active Retired CoupleIndexed Annuity

The Best of Both Worlds

An indexed annuity offers the combination of a fixed and a variable annuity.  You’re guaranteed a minimum return while you can still enjoy stock market rises.  An indexed annuity’s return is predicated on the performance of a benchmark index (such as the Standard & Poor’s 500).

Advantages of an Indexed Annuity include:

  • Benefits of higher returns when the stock market climbs
  • Protection against stock market downturns due to minimum return guarantee
  • Higher returns than standard fixed annuities
  • Less risk than variable annuities

What’s best for you?

Ask Us!

The team at Neverman Insurance Agency has years of experience helping clients just like you choose the right investment tool to meet your specific needs.  We take the time to listen to your goals and offer real-world solutions that meet them.  Together, we’ll achieve peace of mind today…with a plan for your future financial security.