• We have home, auto, life and umbrella insurance through Neverman and have used them for more than ten years now. They are an excellent choice for insurance and have only gotten better over time. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an insurance agency.

    Chad P

  • It's refreshing to work with a company that knows you by name when you reach out to them. I've only had good experiences with Neverman Insurance and would recommend them to anyone that asked.

    Tim B

  • I have been a client of Neverman's since high school which is quite a few years. My agent is great and calls me a half dozen times a year to keep me up to date and informed.

    Patricia G

  • I have my home and vehicle insurance with Neverman because they have great communication. If I call or email them they get back to me very promptly.

    Barb W

  • I like how much you all care about me as a customer. Whenever I come in, or call. I feel a personalized connection and I feel like you are very focused on my needs and my concerns, as if I am the only person you're working with.

    Kellie C

  • Neverman Insurance has been my insurance provider for as long as I had had insurance and I have always had a great experience. They handle everything, including claims, very well.

    Sabrina T

  • The staff from Neverman Insurance Agency always goes above and beyond to help me out. I have seen first hand how well they take care of their clients. If you need good coverage go see them.

    Thomas H

  • I am a fairly new client at Neverman Insurance Agency. They have been eager to help me out in any situation and help me learn about my coverage.

    Ellie B

  • The staff from Neverman Insurance Agency are very dependable. They are excellent when it comes to customer service as well. I have found that they have been able to find me the best rates of anyone that I have worked with. Highly recommended.

    Shane G

  • It is nice having the staff from Neverman Insurance Agency on my side, I have filed three claims with the company and they have all gone as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend this company to anyone.

    Aria B

  • Neverman Insurance Agency is a great company whose customer service goes above and beyond their call of duty. If I ever call up with questions they are always right there for me. If they don't have the answer immediately they get it for me, or they point me in the direction of someone who can answer my question.

    Katie T

  • Everyone at Neverman Insurance Agency is truly eager to help their clients in any situation. The staff there are very reliable and dependable. They provide me with great coverage, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Diana P

  • When I work with Neverman Insurance Agency everything gets done in a timely manner. They stay in communication whenever they need to. I like the working relationship that we have.

    Rick P

  • I like that at Neverman Insurance Agency because they are always eager to help in any situation. It is always nice knowing I have reliable and dependable people on my side.

    Andy C

  • If you want to go to an insurance agency that knows you by name, not just as another client, you should go to Neverman Insurance Agency. I really love the personal attention I receive there. Patti always takes great care of me, even as I have changing needs.

    Ashley M

  • Sue and Linda at Neverman Insurance have been professional with all our our insurance questions and needs. We trust their coverage and are anxious about our future insurance coverage.

    Zach W

  • I get excellent rates from Neverman Insurance Agency, everyone there treats me with respect, and they keep me informed of changes to my accounts. I couldn't ask for anything more.

    Cathy W

  • I have my home and vehicle insurance with Neverman because they have great communication . If I call or email them they get back to me very promptly.

    Barb W

  • We had dealt with Bob Schlemmer & the Schlemmer Agency for many years. When Bob passed away, we were sad because he was an honest & helpful man, but we were also anxious about our future insurance coverage. We were thrilled when the Neverman Insurance Agency not only took over Bob's business, but also kept his staff. Sue & Linda have been professional, dedicated and helpful with all of our insurance questions and needs. We trusted their judgement when they gave their new employers a "Thumbs-up". We haven't been disappointed these last 4 years

    Maggie R

  • Outstanding service and knowledgeable staff and ownership provides superior customer service.

    Alex P

  • We care about our customers. I enjoy coming in to work every day so I can be of service to my wonderful commercial customers.

    Mary Y